Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Postcards From the Past

After their marriage on February 19, 1912 Bronislaw and Teofilia left Pittsfield, MA and headed to Lorain, OH. Benny, Helen and Bernice were born there at 2848 Oakwood Avenue. Sometime later they moved to 602 E. 32nd Street where Stanley was born. After Teofilia's death on November 30, 1918 Bronislaw and his older children went to New Britain, CT where he met and married Maryanna on January 28, 1919.

Baby Stanley was left in the care of Domonik Rutkowski who, with his wife Michaeline (Krajewski), lived around the corner from Bronislaw and Teofilia at 3115 Elyria Ave. Stanley died there on May 18, 1919. Mr. Rutkowski is shown on the 1920 U.S. Census as being employed at the steel plant ... perhaps where Bronislaw also was employed.


We've learned that Bronislaw's sister Maryanna Grala (of Great Barrington, MA) married Stanley Krzynowek (of Lorain, OH) on January 25, 1906. His brother Joseph married Marianna Barsoy on January 30, 1912. This was the month preceding Bronislaw's marriage to Teofilia, so it appears both couples knew each other and may have returned to Lorain together. Joseph died on November 19, 1918. At the time of his death, Joseph was employed by the Clipper Steel Plant and lived at 813 E. 33rd St.

These old postcards from Lorain show us it was a bustling port with industries that would have supported shipbuilding ... like steel mills. With Lake Erie a few blocks away, there were also waterfront parks where Teofilia may have brought her children to play.

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