Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Baba Homestead

Baba is located in Ostroleka, a region in the province of Mazowiecki in Northeast Poland. It was a historically significant source of immigrants to the United States, especially to the Polish communities on the East Coast, as well as large Midwestern industrial cities such as Cleveland and Detroit.
During a visit with Aunt Bernice and Uncle Frank, I was shown an oil painting done by their grandson, Eddie, from stories Frank told him about the farm in Baba. We are so fortunate to have this unique glimpse into our family's past!
Bronislaw liked to tell the story of going to the Polish-American Club in New Britain where members would ask each other where they came from ... the hope was to find somebody who had lived in their area of Poland. Evidently, there were not many members from Baba. When Bronislaw would tell where he was from, it never failed that someone would respond, "I know that! But where did you reside?" "BABA," he'd say. Again, "Damn it! But that was only for nine months!"

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